Ajax Mold Removal Services

Why You Can Trust Us

The difference between a house and a home has everything to do with who lives there, but it also has to do with the comfort and safety felt there.GTA Mold strives to help Ajax homeowners preserve the quality of their home. This is done by preventing threats of mold and flooding, by restoring homes after flooding and by eliminating infestations of mold. When it comes to keeping your home habitable, there is no substitute for professional assistance and emergency mold removal services. GTA Mold has worked in hundreds of homes in the Ajax area over the course of the years. Our team is highly trained and well equipped to carefully carry out all of the procedures and services we provide to Ajax homeowners. As experts in the field with years of experience and license as an IICRC member, we are proud of the work we do!

GTA Mold Expertise and Solutions

Effectively restoring homes is a matter of clear procedures and customized care for each and every homeowner. We understand your specific needs and we make it our business to listen to you and to openly communicate the options that you have! Our GTA Mold expertise spans the remediation spectrum as we can help you with everything from wet basement assistance to flooding repair, and mold removal. We encourage homeowners to never attempt do-it-yourself restoration of homes. This needs to be carefully and expertly handled by veteran experts. We provide not only the experience, but the powerful equipment and cleaners that will make all the difference. When you need help, just remember GTA Mold .

Our services in Ajax include:

  • Mold remediation
  • Mold testing
  • Black mold removal
  • Mold exposure


Mold Remediation

Mold is dangerous and often under appreciated for the damage it can do. Whether brought about by flooding or simply by years of humidity, toxic black mold just needs moisture, darkness, and the ignorance of a homeowner to inflict damage. Black mold can spread quickly throughout a home. Though it is often slower growing, it only needs a week to get started. This mold cannot be killed by bleach alone and requires professional grade know-how and protective gear to be properly handled. If you detect mold in your home or you are concerned that you might have mold, allow our experts to come in and handle your mold removal.

Mold Testing

Moldis often undetected for too long because it doesn’t give off many signs of its presence. If you are feeling ill, you might find mold growing somewhere. Or, if you have had many flooding incidents in your home and have never been tested for mold. It is important to call for professional testing. We will respond to your call and carefully inspect the entire home for signs of mold. GTA Mold Ajax also provides mold identification services. We can determine whether it is toxic black mold or not.

Black Mold Removal

Black mold removal requires more than just a bottle of bleach. Though bleach can in some instances kill off mold and its spores, this only works on non-porous surfaces. Proper mold remediation and removal necessitates expertise and careful processes. Calling for professional help is your best guarantee. We wear protective gear and equip our team with the tools that make the job a safe one.

Exposure to Mold

Please do not put yourself or your family at risk by exposing them to the harmful toxic spores. Let professionals guide the process of removal and remediation and restore your home to a habitable condition. Also, let us help you learn how to prevent further mold growth for long lasting health in your home.