Richmond Hill Mold Removal Services

Why You Can Trust Us

GTA Mold seeks to provide efficient mold remediation services. We cover the entire Southern Ontario region, including Richmond Hill! Our trained staff of experts is available 24/7 to bring you up-to-the-minute emergency services. We are IICRC members with years of experience behind us. We require our technicians to present their license and ID upon arrival.

GTA Mold Expertise & Solutions

In order to capture the mold, we make sure our technicians remain safe from harm. We use a full mold testing kit, rubber gloves, a dust mask and goggles to destroy the mold. We’re also able to clean and dust vents which are rendered difficult to reach in general. There are electrical circuits and wires within the air ducts that are even more dangerous to clean. We are properly trained to clean out the tough-to-reach air ducts and inspect for mold growth. We use a non-harmful solvent to scrub out the bathroom tiles as well.

Our services in Richmond Hill include:

  • Mold inspection
  • Mold testing
  • Mold classification
  • Mold eradication

Mold Inspection

The primary function of a mold inspection is to determine the precise location or locations of the mold growth. Our Richmond Hill mold removal technicians will pinpoint the exact places where the harmful fungus is present. You might not think twice to check behind bookcases or refrigerators, but those areas are ideal breeding grounds for mold and mildew. We’ll also check for a prior history of water damage problems. It’s critical to recognize these issues in order to prevent the mold from appearing. We have a proven method for mold inspection and we always get the job done right!

Mold Testing

There are several tests we conduct to counteract the mold. We use an air surface test to gather up invisible air particles which might be infested with mold. We capture a small piece of the mold and send it back to our labs for more conclusive results. Once the results return, we get a much better idea on how to treat the mold. We’re in the business of destroying mold and we stop at no lengths to get mold out of your house. We are the best mold removal Richmond Hill provider you will find. Our testimonials are a direct reflection of our hard work and success.

Mold Certification

Just because a company claims to be “mold certified”, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. The golden seal of approval is IICRC, which is the most recognized form of certification in this industry. We require our technicians to undergo the proper certification process before joining our growing team. Our customers deserve the best quality services and a pleasant experience all around. We are nationally accredited insurance vendors as well. Don’t let mold ruin your life anymore! Call the Richmond Hill mold removal specialists of GTA Mold today for more information.