24/7 Mold Removal Services in Scarborough

Why You Can Trust Us

Scarborough Water Damage Remediation Specialists

GTA Mold Scarborough boasts years of experience in the water damage restoration industry. Available 24/7, our trained staff will assist you with any potential water damage that you may have incurred. We work with IICRC members that offer top-of-the-line professional services at the touch of a dial! We are fully licensed and accredited water remediation technicians.

GTA Mold Expertise & Solutions

Conducting air quality tests is critical after a water damage crisis. The current quality of air might be stale and unsafe. We use a professional air quality kit and make sure that moisture levels are normal. Our customers expect nothing but the best and it’s our responsibility to see that they get it! We use industrial vacuums and air blowers to assist in the cleanup. We can also clean rugs and non-walled carpeting, depending on the severity of damages.

GTA Mold Scarborough Services Include:

  • Mold testing
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal
  • Mold remediation

Mold Symptoms

There are three levels of symptoms associated with mold. The first level of symptoms includes; headaches, nausea, sneezing, itchy eyes and skin irritation. These symptoms are very mild, but people may react differently. The second level of symptoms is more serious and they include; skin rashes, vomiting, weight loss, chronic sinus infection, nervous system disorders, swollen glands, diarrhea and breathing irregularities. The third and final set of mold symptoms is the most severe and fatal in certain cases. These symptoms include brain damage, blindness, cancer and death. GTA Mold Scarborough will never let you or your family suffer. We kill mold at an early stage, so you can rest comfortably and get a peaceful night’s sleep!

Mold Inspection

We utilize a professional mold inspection kit to detect particular areas where mold might manifest within your home. Certain areas might seem invisible, which is why we perform air testing. The quality of air can change drastically if mold is present. We take no chances when it comes to full mold remediation. Bulk testing and surface testing are used respectively to test for specific samples of mold. Our water damage Scarborough team will arrive at your home or apartment and destroy the bacteria on the spot!

Black Mold Removal

Black mold is a dark-greenish substance that carries many severe health problems along with it. Black mold growth begins to form when you fail to get rid of mold at an earlier stage of formation. Black mold is very toxic and lethal. It can grow behind refrigerators, washing machines and remain hidden from plain sight in attic walls. It’s essential to contact the Scarborough water damage professionals of GTA Mold for complete black mold removal services.

Mold Effects

Mold effects vary from person to person. Mold usually has more of an impact on people with weak immune systems or allergies. Elderly folks are at a higher risk since their immune systems might not be strong enough to fight the mold. GTA Mold Scarborough takes absolutely no risks with your health. We’re blessed to have a wonderful group of water damage technicians standing tall beside us. The mold must be eliminated on-site. It’s imperative that you contact us if you’ve encountered any form of mold damage or water damage in your house. You’re in safe hands with GTA Mold!