24h Newmarket Mold Removal Services

Why You Can Trust Us

Newmarket Water Damage Restoration

GTA Mold Newmarket is the leading water damage and mold remediation service provider. Fully certified by the IICRC, we are accessible 24/7 and offer first rate emergency services. Our Newmarket water damage professional services are ideal for people that have incurred water damage or Mold contamination. Our trained staff of experts will be there to aid you with in the first hour of your call. We have years of experience in the business with a name that comes highly recommended.

GTA Mold Expertise & Solutions

Our qualified technicians truly are experts in the field when dealing with water damages, such as floods, sewage backup, broken pipes, (you will still need a plumber to fix the pipe) and water damage caused by deficiencies in your homes foundation. We effectively remove the water and repair any damages due to water to prevent the growth of mold. If you have encountered any water damage it is vital that you do not leave the area damp as mold begins to grow in just 48 hours.

GTA Mold Newmarket Services Include:

  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Removal (Including Black Mold)
  • 24/7 Flood services
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Sewage Back Up

Water Damage

Here at GTA Mold we are always prepared for flood and water damage calls. We have 24/7 emergency services and arrive within the hour to aid you in your time of need. Once on site we clean up any and all water and establish the source of the water. Once the water is removed we set up our water desiccants and air movers to ensure that we completely dry up any remaining water. For the drying process to be deemed as fully effective we will have our machines set up for a minimum of three days.

Once we conduct a test and see that the moisture is at a level that is of no concern to us, Mold is less likely to grow in your home or place of work.

If you have experienced any water damage in your home or place of work and are in need of a professional service please call GTA Mold for immediate aid.

Mold Testing

During our initial inspection we conduct a series of tests to establish the type and level of mold in your home or place of work. Among the tests we are able to establish the elevation of mold in your home or work place as well.

Once we have received the results from the lab containing the results based off of our inspection we conduct a detailed report for you to view, once you and one of our technicians have viewed the results we can further conduct an estimate for the removal of the mold in your home or place of work.

Black Mold Removal

“Black Mold” is classified as one of the most toxic types of mold, especially when the mold is highly developed.
The process of “Black Mold” consists of setting up a containment area for proper sterilization and abatement of the contaminated area. “Black Mold” is easily identifiable, it is black in color and can appear in small or large spots. “Black Mold” also comes with a very pungent odor that cannot be mistaken for any other type of mold.We advise you not to disturb the mold in any way but to call and schedule an appointment for the proper removal of the “Black Mold” as this is the safest way for the health of you and those around you. Here at GTA Mold we put your safety first.