24h Mold Removal Services in Pickering

Why You Can Trust Us

GTA Mold is a leading water damage remediation company in Pickering. Each and every of our technicians is trained, qualified and licensed to ensure we deliver the highest quality services.Contact us to request an obligations quote. Our knowledgeable call center representatives will ensure you are supplied with the support and service you require. You can go to the certifications page to see all our licenses and certificates.  We boast the know-how and the proper equipment to rid your home of mold and mildew. Mold removal is often a difficult process, primarily when mold is already highly developed. Our mold removal and mold remediation services are thorough and we use specialized cleaning and sterilization equipment to assure that the mold is not going to return. If you are in search of 24h mold removal and mold remediation solutions in the Pickering area, call us now for a quote!

Mold Removal in Pickering

GTA Mold Pickering is among the leaders in mold removal and mold remediation in the GTA. Our previous customers in Pickering can testify that we efficiently and cost effectively remove mold in all areas, including hard to get at ceilings crevices and inside walls. We take our mission very seriously in providing the best mold removal and mold remediation solutions for you, your family or your business. Mold can be triggered by moist air or stagnant water in one area. The most important thing is to treat mold quickly before it spreads and damages other surfaces. Using our state of the art equipment, GTA Mold ensures the mold is cleaned 100% so it does not re-grow. Our technicians can also treat any surface that had mold to ensure that your home or office stays mold free.

GTA Mold Pickering Services Include:

  • Mold testing
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal
  • Mold remediation

Mold Testing & Mold Inspection

The first step our technicians perform when they arrive on site is mold testing and mold inspection. Our aim is to figure out what type of mold it is, so it can be treated effectively. One step that differentiates us from our competitors is that we test if the mold is air born. If the quality of air is good, then the property doesn’t have to be evacuated. Please note that air born mold can cause serious problems to your lungs and the respiratory system. Next, using special testing equipment and cameras that can show us what is inside hard to reach places like ceilings and wall crevices, we visually locate and classify the mold. The results are written in a report, that grades the type and extent of mold dispersal.

Black Mold Removal

There are numerous variations of mold all around us. Some are toxic and some are not. The indicators of black mold are often large black spots on walls or other surfaces. Black mold also releases a very strong bad smell. The extent to which black mold grows is usually related to the amount of moisture in the air in the room where it is located. The most serious of all mold types is black mold. Black mold, if not noticed and dealt with quickly can cause great health problems that in some occasions cause loss of life. Black mold can induce severe lung problems, cause painful breathing and bronchial asthma. Other physical symptoms to black mold exposure can be allergic skin reactions and irritable eyes. Due to the serious nature of black mold, it is best to get professionals like GTA Mold Pickering to eliminate it from your property and clean up any trace of it.

Wet Basement Restoration

GTA Mold Pickering also provides wet basement and flooded basement restoration services. We use industrial pumps to get water out of your basement in the quickest way possible and then eliminate any damage caused by the water, such as rotten wood restoration and carpet cleaning, drying and remediation services.

So, if you are looking for mold removal & mold remediation services in the Pickering area, just pick up the phone and contact us now!