Aurora Mold Removal Services

Why You Can Trust Us

GTA Mold Aurora seeks to provide you with safe quality mold remediation professional services. We are the most reputable mold removal  experts of the Greater Toronto area. Our trained staff of seasoned techs boast years of experience producing top notch results! We absolutely guarantee a 30 min. arrival time and highly affordable rates!

GTA Mold Expertise & Solutions

Mold begins to grow after some form of water damage has taken place. Our aim is to completely eradicate the harmful toxins from your home and ensure fresh air circulation at all times. We wear protective gear that shields us from mold exposure. Safety always comes first and we take the necessary precautions beforehand. We’re also able to squeeze into hard-to-reach places, like behind refrigerators, closets, crawl spaces and beneath floor tiling, where mold can remain hidden from plain sight. You can say that we certainly have our work cut out for us!

Our Services in Aurora include:

  • Mold cleanup
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold testing
  • Mold certification

Mold Cleanup

Mold breeds in damp and moist areas where the temperature is perfect. We’re responsible for providing emergency mold removal & mold cleanup services. It’s tricky to notice a patch laying behind a boiler. We have enough experience to know exactly where the substance is breeding. We carefully scrub and disinfect the damaged sections before adding the finishing touches. We are very strict when it comes to following EPA Guidelines, which means that you’re always receiving the safest quality of care. We clean inside HVAC systems, so you’re never breathing in that musty smell of mold.

Mold Inspection

Our talented mold removal Aurora technicians leave no corner unchecked! We offer a thorough mold inspection and assessment to help limit any potential health consequences. You should never wait until you start feeling sick to get rid of the mold. If mold is not treated on time, it can slowly cause more serious respiratory symptoms and other severe health problems. You’d be surprised to see where we find mold growing. Bathrooms and basements are rigorously inspected, since they are the ideal breeding grounds for mold growth. We kill mold on the spot!

Mold Testing

We conduct numerous mold tests, that include air testing, bulk testing and surface testing. We test to get a better idea on where the mold is coming from and what type of bacteria is floating inside your home. We then gather a tiny sample which is sent back to the lab for further analysis. It’s important to identify the species of mold in order to properly destroy it. People who suffer from allergies are more prone to getting sick. We will not let that happen! There’s a very good reason why we’re the most recommended Aurora mold removal company in Toronto!

Mold Certification

Mold certification is very similar to water damage remediation in that the highest level of credentials is the IICRC. We are very fortunate to have such an energetic and enthusiastic team of experts working side by side with us. All of our products are environment-friendly. You won’t come across a more determined mold remediation provider than us and that’s a fact! We’ve made it our priority to keep things simple and convenient for you. Don’t wait until you need to get rushed to the hospital due to mold exposure! Call us right away to set up a consultation.